Sunday, November 8, 2015

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday.  For those of us on the advocacy sites....that means some big things are happening every day in the world of the orphan.  People are crying out for the ill, unwanted, older kids to help bring them into families.

There are millions...yes, millions of kids who are true orphans ....there parents might have abandoned them because of a medical diagnosis they felt they couldn't deal with financially or they thought was a curse in their culture, they might have been killed in war, the aids epidemic, or some other tragic accident.

Right now on the site we watch there are about 9 orphans who are aging out this month ...what does that mean?  No family home to come home one to call Mom or one....out there on their own....some at 14....some at 16 ....some at 18....but alone is still alone.  The statistics for those children are tragic....truly tragic.

Orphan Sunday was created to raise an awareness to do something....anything....

Did you know that during Roman Times, orphans were kicked out of the city?  Christians stepped in and brought them home and cared for them as their isn't that simple anymore but there is plenty to do....

Love an orphan today....

Pray for them.

Advocate for them.

Mentor them.

Love them.

Donate funds to help bring them to a home that can care for them.

Adopt them.

In James 1:27....we are called to Care for the Orphans.  It is actually called true religion...caring for the orphans and the widows.

There are so many BUT......Every face has a story to tell. They didn't chose to be an orphan, they weren't ready but here they sit....waiting.

Oh....and caring for them is life changing--for them AND you!  You will never be the same...

What is it that you can do today for someone who longs for family....home....belonging?

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