Saturday, October 24, 2015

Coming HOME

The emotions were rolling from excitement and wanting to SAVOR the moment when our family met up a bit changed with 2 new boys.

Benjamin and Elijah....

Tears threatened to break through when I gave a moments thought to actually what was happening....the 2 boys we had worked for wading through paperwork, appointments, many road trips for notarization and apostiles from our state offices....all of those things brought us to this day....this day we had longed for and hoped for....

A gift totally orchestrated by God....he took care of the details ...for those things we are grateful.

Oma and Opa were there with us to celebrate.  They have helped get things ready at home and keep everyone going in the right directions while dad was away.  They have been a blessing to us.

Our dear friends, the Winslows, joined us.  They even beat us to the airport.  It is so sweet to celebrate with friends.  We are grateful for this family!

Here all the littles are lined up waiting for the expected arrival....

Sweet and tender moments of lots of daddy hugs and meeting Benjamin and Eli for the first time.

Fun moments of introductions....we even connected with another adoptive family that traveled on the same plane back to the Boston area.  Their children are soooo sweet.

Lots of stories to tell dad.

Then.....all 25 or so of us headed to Cracker Barrell to celebrate....they were so wonderful with us and gave us lots of attention.

Good times, good friends, good food, hugs, happy tears, smiles, and now....

I sit in their room quietly reflecting on our day listening to soft and quiet breathing as the boys drift off to sleep...all of them together....brought together by two thing as my dear friends Rochelle would say...Jesus and adoption.  

What a gift today was for our glad we walked through it, so glad we had folks to walk along side us....looking forward to the adventure of tomorrow.

God Bless!