Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Packing and Lists

In just a weeks time, we will be headed to meet out boys, Benjamin and Elijah!  We are working from lots of lists of what to pack for each person and "the new boys".  Our children are creating cards of welcome since they aren't going to be there to meet them right away and excitedly talking of the welcome off the plane.  

We still are selling scarves to help raise funds for our adoption!  Please consider a purchase to help us finish strong.

This is our Reeces Rainbow account.  This is a tax-deductible way to help us bring home our boys Ben and Eli. The end of the year is coming and these funds help out at the end of our adoption process which we are at now.  We travel in a week.  Please consider helping us here.

God Bless and thank you!

But this post is about the scarves that Jess made for us....she donated them to us for our adoption.  Some have sold....exciting to see and I have relisted them individually...all 19!  If you don't see a color you want....let us know.

Each scarf is $25 and that includes shipping.  If you are local....we could meet up and that would save you the $5 shipping.  It is pretty easy....each one has a number.  Leave a comment in the comment section of which ones you are interested in and we will get it out to you.  

Thanks for looking!  God Bless!

Scarves by Jess.....

Scarf 1--sold

Scarf 2

Scarf 3-sold

Scarf 4

Scarf 5-sold

Scarf 6--sold

Scarf 7--sold

Scarf 8-sold

Scarf 9

Scarf 10

Scarf 11

Scarf 12

Scarf 13

Scarf 14

Scarf 15

Scarf 16

Scarf 17--sold

Scarf 18

Scarf 19

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