Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's All In A Name

We have been working on mounds of paperwork for months to bring these two boys home.  On the advocacy site, Reeces Rainbow, they were given the names Marty and Gary to protect their identity.  They will continue to be listed on their site by those names.

We have continued to keep their names listed as Marty and Gary.  But a change is coming ....

Their new names....(drum roll please)

Will be Benjamin Yong (on the left)  and Elijah Dong (on the right).

We want to give them a fresh start but also honor their heritage.  We are excited to call them sons.  We are preparing our home and hearts for them.  We are praying that God is also preparing their hearts.

We are watching God provide things for our family in preparation of their coming home.

Can't wait to welcome Ben and Eli HOME!

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