Friday, August 14, 2015

What about YOU?

Recently a dear friend and I were wrestling through a problem that we came across and had some deep conversation....good conversation, heart crying out conversation about life as a Christian, walking with other Christians alongside us and just life in general.

As our words slowed about our main topic....she asked about our adoption and how it was progressing.  I expressed my joys and my concerns about our process.  

Adoption is my passion....helping the orphan is what we've been called to do.  We have a family statement of how we do ministry as a family and what God has called us to do.  We evaluate all the wonderful causes out there based on this statement so we can work exactly where we've been called....most of that revolves around adoption.

Rescuing kids....yes, we can't save them all.  I know that.  But we need to let people know of the crisis at hand.  It is not a nice world out there for the orphan....the statistics are terrible and the stories worse.  My heart says to do everything we heart cries out for the orphan....something we are told is TRUE religion.  We are ready and willing to do what the Lord calls us to do...something we find very humbling.

James 1:27New International Version (NIV)

27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Pretty simple....Look after the orphans.

As my friend heard me speak....she told me to take our incredible story to the churches....I told her I don't think they are ready to hear.  A church that my dear friend and I attended together point blank told our family that they didn't "get us".  Those very words came from the pastor.

If our churches stepped up and each one came around one family....there would be no kids waiting for years in foster care only to age out with NO one or no where to go.  Sounds pretty simple to me....but then again...why hasn't it happened?

I certainly don't have the reason for this delimma....she spoke again...GO to the churches.

Her words have not left me....I've given these to the Lord....told him we are willing if HE opens the doors.  I have thought about what the average person in the pew can do ...the orphan delimma is big.....BUT then I remembered that God uses ordinary people....he used me after all!  Why am I so different?

I have not had any churches asking us to tell our story....I will let you know when that happens...and rejoice at the opportunity if it should come.
Meanwhile....I will put some of my thoughts here....

How can YOU help live out James 1:27.....Look after the orphans?  
Do I think everyone should adopt?  Well, someone has to do it, right?  But in saying that...not everyone is able.  But the scripture says look after the can that play out in your life, the life of our churches?

How about this?


If you aren't called to adopt, how about helping a family who has?  Read up on what kids who have been adopted struggle with to give some understanding to what the daily life is like....these kids have sad stories.  When they are adopted ...there will be struggles ahead as the heal and find what family is really about....offer words of encouragement, provide a meal for when life is crazy, praying for them, understanding  what they are walking through rather than judging.  Parenting children who have walked through trauma is totally different than when you parented your own.  There will be a new normal and it is okay....just different.

What about this?


What if you ARE called to adopt a child or a sibling group?  In the state of NH, they can't find homes for large sibling groups (2 or more kids) or for drug babies.  Some states have 10,000 children waiting for homes ....what about YOU?  There are 1 million orphans just in China, 1.5 million in is estimated there are 18 million orphans world wide....yes, I said 18 million.  Sometimes God just whispers your name....are you willing?  Are you ready?  You don't need all the answers ....just be willing...HE will do the rest.

What about this?


Don't forget about this one ....if you can't adopt yourself, or don't know anyone who has adopted or are called to help another child come home...JUST DO IT.  Do you know the average adoption is in the thousands?  It doesn't all go to an agency ....our agency has a heart for these kids and works hard at finding families.  There are visa, travel to pick the child up to include airline fares, hotels, meals, medical exams, home studies, lots of government paperwork, overnighting packages to all the agencies, fingerprints, translations of documents, orphanage fees for expenses of the child.  Each of these have fees associated with them....and all add up.  Wouldn't it be a terrible thing to not make it home with a child because of the cost of bringing the kiddos home.

What ever you are called to do....I hope you do something something about this the orphan.

I HOPE I have laid something on your heart ....things that will call you to action to live out this calling from James 1:27.  I HOPE you will consider the many children waiting for something called family, home, belonging....

This saying hangs on the wall in our living room as a reminder to what gift our family has been given...

                                                   Having a place to go is HOME.

                                                 Having someone to love is FAMILY.

                                                    Having both is a BLESSING.

Bless someone today.  I can hear the HOPE RISING!


  1. This is really good. It makes me so sad that people won't take sibling groups or drug babies ... we have done both and as a result, we have been hugely blessed! I think so many are ill-informed or maybe are just too afraid. I want to encourage others that they CAN do this with God on their side. Nothing is impossible. By saying no to these children, you are saying no to blessings in your life. But you are right, Louisa, if they feel they just simply cannot do it ... reaching out to love and support an adoptive family who is doing this can make a big difference in the lives of many. The most important thing is don't do nothing. :-)

    1. All children are may be tough to get through but they are worth it!