Monday, July 6, 2015

$$ Five Dollars $$

What could you do with $5?

Buy a fancy coffee at a coffee shop?  Rent a couple of movies from Red Box? Buy a soda and a bag of chips?
What if I told you that you could change the life of an orphan somewhere in the world them come home?  Help them be a part of something Community? belonging?

Yes! $5 can do just that!  Especially when we all band together and do this easy, no pain thing....the impact is even greater!

Each month, families are banning together to help bring home 5 orphans....helping 5 orphans come home to their home....home sweet home.  Something they have longed for, dreamt about, wished for...Reeces Rainbow hosts the 5/5/5 program....helping 5 families bring home 5 orphans $5 at a time. Each month ...5 new families get chosen .....each month 5 orphans get closer to coming home!  

Amazing but true!

Sweet deal, huh?

Think of the impact you could have!  Want to join us?  Want to make a difference?  

But guess what?  It gets even BETTER!  For the month of July....WE HAVE BEEN CHOSED AS ONE OF THE 5 FAMILIES FOR JULY!.......and guess what?  This month is a special deal....because any money that is donated helps to bring both of our boys home ....more bang for your buck.

I just can't wait to see them...hold them...bring them home and share our lives with them!  It is exciting to know they will be here soon.

Would you please consider coming alongside US And donating $5 ( or more if you would like) and please consider signing up to do this monthly will make such a difference for so many kids!

Please click on the Reeces Rainbow 5/5/5 Donate Now on the right side of our blog OR click here

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