Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Bit of Celebrating and Music

Last Thursday night, our kids had their first music recital at our home.  We have 3 kids taking piano and one on violin.  Their teachers are long time friends of ours, Grace and Maddie Winslow.

They are very patient with our kids. 

 While we were planning on a few things for the recital, Mary Winslow whispers that she ordered a cake to celebrate Grace and her brother Jon's 10 years of being adopted from Haiti and home with their family!  We were excited to be a part of this!  We also had  Martha Donnelley and the Bennett family join us for this celebration.

We ate lots of pizza that night, listened to the kids music and then watched a short video that our daughter, Michaela took when Grace, Jon, Mary and Maddie arrived in Boston 10 years ago.  It was wonderful to see so many young children that have grown into wonderful young people and are still apart of our lives.
A sign made by our kids to celebrate the evening.

Here is Grace and Jon checking out the cake with pictures of then and now!

Jason on the piano.

Brandon on the violin.

Kiara announcing her piece.

Grace and Maddie trying to tune the violin to our piano.

Kiara playing the piano.

Michael playing the piano.

Some of the Winslows listening.

This is Martha surrounded by all the kiddos.

Norm and Cindy Bennett listening to the music.

Maddie waiting patiently for the kids to play their pieces.

Michaela and her puppy Bailey joined us too!

What a wonderful sweet fellowship this night turned out to be....grateful for the b,ensigns all around us!

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  1. It truly was a lovely evening ALL the way around!