Sunday, June 7, 2015


I have been reminiscing.....

We celebrated our 27th anniversary this past week...27 years ago we then we boarded a plane after saying good bye to family and headed to Germany.  Darrell was a soldier and I was still in college hoping to finish and become a teacher.

We had each other and a sense of adventure and loved exploring the country side of Germany.  We did most of this with our own 2 feet.  Each weekend we would take a hike....literally through Volksmarching!  We would hike 10k or 20k's taking in the country side, getting to know the locals and eating yummy food.  Each weekend, we would explore a new town, hike and then always wind up at the fest at the end.  We would listen to the band crank out German folk music as well as American music....I remember hearing the Yellow Rose of Texas in many a fest tent.

I miss those walks.  

I leaned a lot about the people and the land.  I remember being passed by older ladies in shoes my grandmother wore to church going up the side of a mountain.  My awe of them and their backbone to climb non-stop pushed me a bit harder up those hills.

We explored towns, saw castles on the hill and walked through fields of mustard or vineyards.

Many sweet memories with our friends Scott and Carla walking those paths through the cool woods in the summer or the open fields in the winter....brrr.

We've tried a few Volksmarching here in the states but they just aren't the same....we were served orange slices, and other fruit.  There were no fest tents with music playing or he excitement of the people we had learned to love.  They even have them locally here in New Hampshrie but they are come when you wish...get your stamps at the library...

Oh, how fun it would be to do another one some day....for now I have fond memories of the people and places we explored.


  1. Oh! these were the BEST memories...we shared, laughed and talked the entire time...I remember it like it was yesterday!
    Times I will always cherish...Who knew I was meeting and hanging out with my life long friend! We love y'all!

  2. Wonderful memories for sure! We would be so busy jabbering the guys would walk ahead and leave us in the dust...sometimes they would even come looking for us! Miss you...would love to sit and linger over some tea since there aren't too many volksmarching state side and none of them have wonderful desserts....well, of course maybe we don't need those desserts anymore:)

  3. I love this! What fun memories for you and Darrell. Thank you for sharing.