Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home Made Laundry Soap

Last Saturday was soap day.

We make our own laundry soap using FelsNaptha bars, washing soda and borax.  Our receipe is found on Budget 101--laundry sauce.

I love it because it is inexpensive, makes a lot and is compact.  I have seen other receipes that are made in big buckets.  This is more concentrated and uses the same ingredients.  It only takes a tablespoon and is good at getting out stains.

First we shave the bar of soap and place it in boiling water.  We then add the other ingredients and let it sit and cool.  After that, it is time for the mixer.
I use he kitchen aid to mix it.

It is looking great!

Our finished product.  This is a double batch which can be precarious in my kitchen aid but I love having this much on hand.  This does over 120 loads.  Pretty amazing, huh?

Love clean wash at a fraction of the extra added allergy kids have no reaction to this soap like they do other ones.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me!


  1. I never thought about using a blender. We only did liquid soap once and because it wasn't a consistency we liked we went back to dry soap. We just recently made some with honemade bar soap mixtures gone wrong and it has worked wonderfully. We will have to try the homemade liquid version again and blend it this time.

    1. Hi Karen! We tried the dry version and did not have success. This gets a firm crust with liquid underneath. I break it up and then blend it with the mixer for a beautiful consistency.