Sunday, June 14, 2015

Full Cup of Blessings

This is Devon.  Funny, fearless and does his best to keep up with his big brothers!
Today he was playing outside with a lasso and his older brother jerked the rope thinking he would let go and he didn' was innocent but it yanked his arm.  After the initial assessment, we headed to urgent care where they manipulated it and put it back...nurse aids elbow.  He was fine and they sent him and 2 of our other kids off with Popsicles.  It was the quickest visit we had ever had there!

While eating with hubby and 7 kids....our kids started to share about our China adoption to perfect strangers.  Their enthusiasm is catchy.  The folks we had just been introduced too by their sharing started emptying their pockets and handed us everything they had...$38.00 and asked how they could help more. 

 We are so grateful to them tonight....for their amazing encouragement to our family.

We stand in awe.  

We feel so blessed!

Thank you Lord for this sweet gift to our family!  

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