Sunday, June 21, 2015

China Adoption Fundraiser...busy hands and happy hearts!

This is our daughter Jess doing what she loves best....shoeing horses.  Here she is shoeing our Haflinger pony with shoes for the summer.  She went to one of the toughest schools in the U.S. to learn to do this and walked away with a journeyman certificate.  She has big muscles and likes to compete with her brothers.


She has another side of doing crafty, home making things....making soap, cooking, and knitting.  She recently tried cross stitching too but her favorite is knitting...marathon knitting...where ever she can!

She has given our family a huge gift towards our family adoption to help bring home our boys!

Scroll down for a chance at some of her beautiful work.  You can post your payment in our Reeces Rainbow account and then let me know through private message name and address of where to send off the items you selected.  Not on Facebook? Leave a message for me in the comment section of this post with a way to contact you and I will get back to you.

First, are her baby blankets. Each are $35.00 and that includes shipping.  They are SO soft.

This one is blue and white.

This one is multicolored and knitted so the corners form a pocket to tuck around baby's head when swaddled.

This one is blue with pink and yellow flecks through out.

Next are her many scarves....with her modeling them.  Each scarf is $25 and that includes shipping.  The cowl is $20 with shipping.

The beautiful ruffle scarves are  hanging on her arms ...if you need a better picture, please feel free to ask.

She also made coffee cozies...they are $7 and include shipping.  Most are cabled in several patterns. The last picture has gem laid out to see the patterns.

Thank you for taking a look and considering helping us to bring our boys home!

Thanks Jess for your wonderful donations..we love you and your heart for your newest brothers!

See something you like....just let us know.

We are have an Amazon affiliate link next on our blog. This allows you to order like you regularly would and Amazon sends us a small percentage of items ordered at no cost to you.

We are also selling Just Love Coffee. Our link is also on the side of this blog.  We've been able to try their medium roast for a delicious light fruity flavor...yum!  They have dark roast available too...something for all coffee lovers!

You can also make a tax deductible donation on our Reeces Rainbow family support page.


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