Saturday, June 6, 2015


This boy has had a week and a half this week....on Monday night he hurt his foot but we weren't looked like a prick in his foot and we thought is was a wood splinter.  We looked and saw nothing and soaked it.

The next morning we made an appointment and went to the doctors who also could not find any thing. She put him on antibiotics and told us to come back in 2 days for a recheck.

We went home, soaked it and brought out the was still painful.

When we went back on Thursday, we had X-rays done.  He has a needle in his foot...yes, a needle as in sewing needle.
We saw the surgeon that night--  he extended his hours for us. He took X-rays too.  We were able to see the needle--eye and all.

The surgeon scheduled surgery first thing in the morning.  He had it yesterday is out!  He is so brave!

We were grateful to the Swist family for taking the other kids...they had a blast.

We were suppose to be traveling today to Dan's and Mitchell's celebration but are now on recovery mode at home.  We will miss you Danekers!  Congrats on the Eagle Scout and Phd.!

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  1. I love how this picture has Brandon and two others in the glass of the door. :)