Wednesday, June 3, 2015

27 Years Ago Today I Married My Best Friend

Twenty seven years ago I married my best friend Louisa.

It's funny when I look back, I can't remember what my plans for the future were back then.

I do know that:
I never pictured myself getting out of the Army or giving up my commission to spend more time with my growing family...but God did.
I never pictured my bride home educating our children...but God did.
I never pictured myself with nine children (soon to be eleven)...but God did.
I never pictured my family being part of a home fellowship...but God did.
Maybe it's time I set my plans aside and let my Lord and Savior lead with His plan...because His plan is way better then any plan I could ever make.

Happy Anniversary Louisa it's hard to believe it's been 27 short years together.
Lets buckle up because I look forward to see what God's plan for the next 27 years will be. 
Love you Darrell


  1. Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple with a beautiful story!

  2. I love that Darrell posted. Happy Anniversary (belated), you crazy kids. We are blessed to know you -- ALL.