Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Summer List

I am a list maker.

It is satisfying to check things off after some planning....we have a list for everything --meals, character traits we are working on, daily chores, weekly things to do, house projects, school projects....I am sure you get the idea.

One summer....when we had just our 2 sweet girls here....we got to the end of the summer when visiting friends and I heard them say we didn't do anything all summer.  I was surprised by this answer and went home to look back at our calendar.  I saw lots of things listed that were big things but noneof the  little things we had done.  So I made a note and the following summer we made a list of all the things the girls wanted to do to have an enjoyable summer.

Since then we have done this each summer.  Some summers I put a check next to the things as we did them....sometimes I wrote the date.  There are events that we have actually hit numerous times.  Their most extensive lists have always been easily has changed since we had older girls and have now moved into boys being the oldest at home full time.

The events are less social and more doing but they actually haven't changed that much.  It is just that the boys don't necessarily ask to do it with their friends.  We will of course incorporate this factor in....after all I like being social!  And the younger girls love when they have older girls around to dote on them with painting their nails and braiding their hair. is our list....I normally would not put something like Plymouth Plantation on but this summer is a bit different.....we have canceled our vacation trying to tighten our belt for our adoption and another big family event coming up in the next year.  We are hoping to escape with friends to a local campground for a weekend getaway.  It has a star in it because although it was a request....I am not promising this one.  They were told it might have to wait. They were okay with this here is our list

The last one is quite ambitious but doable with some New Hampshire you can pick any 5 fire towers and climb them and then submit to the state to get a patch.  They are excited about the possibility to add this to their blankets (an earlier post about this).

We also have a trail ride planned in August and are working on that goal.  That will also be exciting!

Looking forward to the summer ahead and the adventures it will bring!


  1. Good list! That's fun about the Towers. I never knew that! And I always loved your patch-blanket idea. Never got that organized over here ... but I think it's great that they have those.