Thursday, May 28, 2015

Have you ever thought of this?

Ok...this is a totally random least from the norm but after doing a bit of research....I think it will make you wonder in disbelief at first and then least it did to me!

A few months ago, we visited Darrell's sister, Cheryl, in D.C. And she showed us something similar to this...

only small enough to fit into a shadow box....sorry for the not so great pictures.

Anyway, she asked us what we thought it was made of...we guessed lots of things in our creative group but did not even come close to the correct answer.

Any ideas?

Well, I think I will just let you know....flip flops.  Yes, flip flops!

I grew up near the ocean of New Jersey...and have found many interesting things in the ocean....expensive sun glasses, sea glass, bricks, great sand toys, drift wood and yes, even a flip flop.

But think about the expanse of the East Coast of the U.S. and the ocean currents times the number of flip flops lost ...where does all of that stuff go?

The coast of Africa....yes, these flip flops cross the ocean and landed on the beaches of Africa.

The ingenious people there do this....

And this......

Sort by color....

Get to create THIS!

And. THIS!

Pretty amazing, huh?  

I call that being given handed lemons to making lemonade ......and selling back to the American tourists...made from their own shoes that journeyed across the ocean and landed on their beaches!

Are you as amazed as I was?

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  1. Wow! These are awesome! I just found a pair of abandoned flip flops on the beach the other day - one with a broken strap. I just left them. But maybe I should have collected them and told the kids to get creative. Ha! Never would have thought of it.