Monday, April 27, 2015

Laughter Is Good Medicine

Life can be hard....but God gives us gifts....and laughter is a wonderful one!

Last night, we kind of stumbled on a gut wrenching family laughter felt SO good.

We were out looking at a cabinet from someone on Craigslist and decided it wasn't for us despite the great bargain. 

Our kids were hungry and it was getting late.  

We stopped at Wendy's for a snack.  They just recently remodeled ours and it had a tv.  Although we have a tv, we only use it for school or an occasional special treat of a movie.  

We sat down to Americas Funniest Videos....the nonsense stuff of people falling on their faces or animals doing silly things....but....

It was a gift of laughter that we weren't expecting.  We laughed so loud and so long...we heard customers laughing at us laughing.  Employees started zoning in on us and they too started to laugh.  There were so many smiles and chuckles to be heard....mostly from the 9 of us but it wasn't just us...

It was contagious and a GIFT....what a precious gift!  Feeling thankful this afternoon and chuckling still at the memory of it all!

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