Monday, March 9, 2015

This Weekend

We have had some warmer days and the snow has begun to melt.  You can smell spring in the air and along the highways we are starting to see very small patches of brown, dry grass where the sun casts its rays all day long.  Mud season and black flies are just around the corner! That also brings long walks, horse time, riding bikes, the playground will be useable again too!

The snow has melted off the house significantly.

Joe after coming up the sledding hill.
Smiley Devon ready for another sled run.

The girls waiting their turn at the top of the hill.
Jason just finished his WW II model airplane.

Some of Jess's handiwork ...she is in a Trim Healthy Mama drink kick and is sharing!  These were so good she made more the next day for some of her siblings who tasted our ours and thought they
yummy!  Joe drank a cup of water after each sip because of the amount of cayanne pepper in it.

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