Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Drop Box Film

Last night we went to a spectacular film documentary about the heart and soul of Pastor Lee from Soul, Korea.  His story is totally amazing.

By putting a box in the side of his church, he has saved 343 babies as of the time of the making of the film....I am sure it is even more now!  He is personally raising 15 of these children.  He works tirelessly every day taking care of their children and waiting for the bell to ring signaling a baby was dropped in the box....sweet, precious, unwanted children.

His work is amazing.  

He is humble as he dedicated his life to these children.

Because of his choices....he is changing other people's lives and perspective.

What an amazing man!

This film was supported by Focus on the Family and had Steven Curtis Chaoman and his wife, Mary Beth.  He sang at the end of the film.  It was touching, amazing and beautiful.  

Tonight is the last night to possibly catch this in your area.  We went to a sold out and seriously overflowing theater to watch it.  We were actually the first ones in the theater with awesome seats.

We are so thankful we were able to sit together....I went with 4 of my kiddos.  They were touched by the film and Pastor Lee.  We had wonderful discussion in the way home and sharing around the table with dad when we arrived.  Dad stayed with the younger kids and had a wonderful night with them too!

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