Monday, March 2, 2015

Playing Catch Up

'February zoomed by with over100 inches of snow, paperwork and more paperwork.....and I am just realizing I missed posting about our February birthdays!

We celebrated "Gary's" birthday even though he was on the other side of the world.  We decorated, ordered out for Chinese food and had a ice cream cake.  It was fun for the kids to think what he might be doing on his birthday and also try some foods he might be eating.  We served it with chop sticks too. Some found them as great drum sticks but others managed to eat their entire meal with them.  It was fun to also think about next year with him here.  We are working on preparing our hearts for the exciting new addition!

Harmony also turned 5!  She loved being in the lime light and enjoyed the new outfits she received for her American girl doll.  She tried on new outfits and had us helping her with shoes and bows as she modeled each for us.  She loved her purple cake and ice cream!


  1. We have three kids' birthdays in February. Along with a granddaughter's birthday. Our Goddaughter had a birthday too. Not to mention Dave's younger brother and two of his three kids. All but two are within the first 11 days of February too!!! Good thing we only "celebrated" our three here. I would have gained 25 pounds by the end of the month if I had to eat that much birthday cake LOL

    Happy Birthday to your kids.

  2. Love that you celebrated Gary even though he's half a world away. Your hearts are amazing. Happy birthday, Harmony! Five is grand!!