Friday, March 13, 2015

Classical Music


Classical Music has become a daily part of our lives in the last year.  

When we found ourselves in a bit of a crisis last year with some of our adopted children, we found hope for healing through a ministry called Conqured By Love.   One of the things they suggested to us was to pull all music except classical and hymns.  I have to admit it was difficult but God has grown a love for this beautiful music and we spend a lot of time singing and listening to music.

It has helped to calm our children, help them focus on tasks and reprogram feelings in different situations.  We have seen tremendous benefit!

Last summer we were able to help support the Boston Classical radio station and we shared how it has helped us.  They came back and asked for an interview.  We agreed and it is used to help on their fund drives.

Today when taking an early morning car ride, we heard it for the first time.  It was so cool to hear the pieces of the conversation be put into a blurb of how it has helped us.  I got really teary eyed thinking of how far we've all come in the past year and so greatful to the ministry and the Razvi family who run Conqured By Love Ministries.

It is sweet to see the progress we have all made.  One of our sons asked to see the Boston Symphony for his birthday and we are going in a few weeks.  How exciting it is to see it catch on with our children!


  1. Well, that is something I haven't heard of to do with our adopted kids. Since we've had so many age ranges, there are just as many ranges in music too. Me.....I'm not so much into music which makes it hard on the kids that are.

    Thanks for sharing the info. I may have to share this with our adoption agency too.