Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Little Bit of Our Weekend

This is Aggy....
She lived us during her senior year in high school.  She is a special, beautiful person that we were privileged to meet, love on and get to know.  She is now getting ready to graduate from college.  This past weekend, we got to visit with her.  It was fun, the kids were excited.

We went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore after our plans in Washington DC were interrupted by a marathon in DC which closed down most of the city streets.  We did not want to sit all day in traffic.  Aggy graciously met us in Baltimore where we explored the Aquarium together.

A scuba diver giving the fish a back message...he was good at entertaining everyone while doing his job!

The kids loved watching the Dolphins.

Here are some of the troops watching the antics of the dolphins. is the diver again giving the fish their message.

We were able to spend the day with Aggy, visit her apartment and meet her room mates and go to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant....our first time eating Vietnamese noodles...yum!  We were joined by Darrell's sister and her family.  After we left Aggy, we headed to their house for the cousins to play and hang out. And then we collapsed into bed.

More on our whirlwind visit next time!

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