Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today's Perspective

I love the word perspective!

It has changed my frame of mind so many times....getting a fresh perspective is wonderful.  It can take a seemly difficult situation and turn it around.

Today's perspective is a reality check....and a pictire is worth a thousand words.  

We were suppose to travel to Maryland this weekend but canceled because another storm with extreme temperatures was moving into our area.  We were disappointed but we had a wonderful mini vacation doing projects in our home, taking naps and sleeping in.  We ate lots of hot stew....mmmmm, yum.  We also got to spend some wonderful time with a visit from our daughter, Michaela.

But today we were out and about looking at pictures of the amounts of snow we have....new perspective.  Take a look ...some of the pictures from the inside out are pictures from Darrell's work place in MA.  The others from our front yard...
This is in Wilmington, MA.

Mike digging into the fort they had dug out a few storms ago.

The front porch is gone till spring.
Just a few more weeks of winter....enjoying the slower time till then.

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