Thursday, February 19, 2015

Best Yes

I am excitedly anticipating a Ladies Day Apart in April where I get to hear one of my favorite authors speak.

Lysa Teurkest.

She has an incredible testimony of how God took a lot of broken pieces in her life and how he formed them into the beautiful tapestry of her life.

Healing by Jesus. Beautiful.

Her title of the her talk reflects the title of her book...The Best  Yes.

It has me thinking of my best yes.  What does that look like on a daily basis in my life?  As a mom it is easy to get overloaded with activity. I don't want that life of "too busy"  Busy with raising a family and the daily routine of school and house....but not too busy.

When we give our best yes....we are able to keep our normal activities in perspective and still serve in a way that doesn't push us to neglect what we are called to at home....husband, children, home.

I haven't read Lysa's newest book but just the title has me thinking and looking forward to spring days ahead when I can come together with other women....including one of my favorite young women, my daughter, Jess, to have a day apart to be challenged, refreshed, laugh and enjoy our time together.

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