Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mamma Don't Watch Me Hill❄️

We love sledding.  The kids love the excitement, love getting the energy out on cold days, and there are lots of smiles and giggles!  Living in New Hampshire leaves lots of the fluffy white stuff for some winter outside fun!  This hill is in our own back yard...the kids are always saying Mom look at me...but our hill today is fast, icy and full of obstacles---hence the name--"Mamma don't look Hill"!
Joe is giving it a go at snowboarding....something he is determined to be good at.

Jason spinning down the hill!

Devon telling me his story.

Mike preparing a new way adventurer.

This one is so of his rare moments standing up.
Kiara catching a snack....
Harmony making her way back up the hill...I stand up and then I fall is the standing up part.

Some of the older kids are trying their hand at snowboarding and love the challenge.  It's all good...they love the thrill and I love the energy expended between our daily tasks.

Hoping you are finding a bit of outdoor fun these days!

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