Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Turkey Day and Then Some

Our plans to visit family were delayed because of this...
A great big snow storm...heavy snow that came Wednesday and brought with it downed trees and power lines. We lost our power around 9 pm and had it back around 3 am. The snow stopped around them and we cleared the driveway and the barn area and hopped in the car.  On the way we picked up Jess and her friend Thanksgiving--a 42 pound turkey that was donated very graciously by friends of hers. And no...that is not a typo.

We met the our family at Cracker Barrell after 8+ hours in the road and had a delicious meal. We then headed back to my folks place for dessert.

Another exciting thing, we delivered a new puppy to my folks. Her name was Emily and she is a puppy of our dog Ellie who had been recently surrendered in Connecticut.  They were excited to meet her.
Emily looks so much like our Ellie. They are very much a like in their nature and it was fun to compare them.

Oh Saturday, we got together again at the Lowmans to celebrate. This is where Jess's friend, Thanksgiving, came into play... He cooked all night the night before and was tender and delicious. He was huge ...we had lots of meat for the crowd.

We traveled home on Sunday...as we drive north...despite many detours because of traffic--it was stunningly beautiful.  It was so good to be back home!

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  1. That bird was huge! Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I'm always so thankful we know you and have you in our lives.