Saturday, November 22, 2014

Eastern States Equine Affair

Last Friday, we headed to Springfield, MA  to the Big E to see Pat Parelli in action. He is the man who made natural horsemanship come alive for the average horse owner. He took all he learned through the natural horse greats and developed an incremental learning program.  Here he is working with an eleven year old girl and her pony to help her find the breaks in her pony. He approaches it a totally different way...that is why he is so good at what he does!

It was amazing at what he accomplished for his young girl and her pony in a short while with just simply repeating a few simple tasks till the pony got it.

A good read for a horse to know they are processing something is to give gem a break after a task and see if they lick their lips.  Sure thing every time!

We tracked him down at his booth when we were all finished to meet the man ourselves.  It was an awesome and inspiring day!

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