Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today is a glorious day because the sock basket is empty...a rare occurance in our life!

I dislike socks....

When I was in 6th grade...we had to invent something and do all the advertisement on our invention for a project...I did spray on socks...what a wonderful idea! I just need to figure out to design them....all the moms out there would be you think I secretly knew then how many socks we would deal with here on a daily basis back then?

Summertime with sandals and crocs is socks to match, no helping find matches, no digging out underneath the couch or cushions, no picking them up off the floor, no finding them in the sandbox half buried or full of sand.

Fall brings back all things wonderful--except socks. Fall is back and so are socks....decided on this rainy day I bring some sunshine...sunshine in an empty basket!

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