Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Own Adventures

While our older boys have been away....we have had a few adventures of our own.

Yesterday, Kiara, Joe, Harmony and Devon and I all headed out to an apple orchard to pick apples.  We found lots of apples but so much more! There were bouncy houses, play grounds, pigs and goats to feed as well as wonderful yummy treats to sample.  It was a stunning day with wonderful views of the New Hampshire colors.
We came home with eating apples, snacks and about 100 pounds of saucing apples....our crock pots have been running non stop since then.

When we got home we met up with Jess....she was we headed to a wonderful yarn shop that I have been trying to get her to go too for some time.  Sabrina joined us and we traveled in style in Jess's new truck too.  The little kiddos just loved all he new buttons in her truck! Yikes...

We then went back to the orchard for more fun and treats.  Jess had a donkey to trim afterwards, so we joined her for the adventure before heading home.  We arrived home after a long

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