Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Cousins

Our kids have begged to get together with their cousins...two week ago we were in NJ and this week they are here.

We met them in Vermont on Saturday at Rock of Ages. We toured the famous quarry and then headed for NH.  It was a beautiful day for a ride --the mountains were stunning and the wildflowers were blooming.

We arrived at the Flume Gorge with a hungry bunch of kids. We pulled out a picnic and devoured everything in site.  We then headed off for a hike up the Flume. It was a perfect temperature for a hike. It was busling with people from all over the world--as many foreigners as locals. 

The cousins encouraged each other, helped keep track of everyone and some even helped carry the little ones.  We climbed the Gorge, rested at the bear cave and then continued onto the pool and wolf's den. The kids loved climbing through the cave and begged to do it again.

Many tired feet trampled down the mountain with great relief to sit and watch the movie in the theatre about the Old Man in the Mountain.  We then loaded into the car and headed towards home. The little ones dozing quickly.

We stopped at the Common Man Diner the 104....ate a scrumptious meal. We then headed home where everyone fell into bed.

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