Monday, August 4, 2014

Swimming, Face Painting and Cowtown Rodeo

Last weekend, we traveled to Delaware to visit family.

After numerous vehicle issues, we headed out to arrive at Oma Lowman and Suzy's in the early am. We slept in, went to the DMV for their open house where the big thing was to get the kids faces painted. We then headed for Ima's house to swim. 

That evening, we went to Cowtown Rodeo in New Jersey. It is celebrating it's 60th year, the oldest weekly rodeo in the country. The last time I was there I was 6 and the big things was to see Captain Noah from a childhood show I watched.

The kids loved our time together watching barrel racing, calf roping, bronco and bull riding. The rodeo clowns were extremely funny too. As we left that evening, Brandon said "mom, we have for to get a bull!" I love his contagious enthusiasm but we DO have some limits.

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