Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cape May favorite beach--Cape May, NJ!  When traveling to our relatives resently, we spent time with my folks. Oma and Opa. Carolyn, Dan and their kids came too. This was a chance for our
kids to visit their cousins--a rare occurance.

We visited together on Sunday. The next morning we headed to the beach at Cape May. My mom, Carolyn and her kids followed stayed home with the guys as he was sick.

The kids played in the sand, took their boogie boards into the waves and had a good time.  The sun was shining and it was beautiful.  

A really cool thing was how much God met me there that day. He sent 2 wonderful ladies along to encourage me--one a foster parent who gets "it"....something I need right now.

The kids begged to go back for more but we needed to head back home the next morning but not before eating breakfast with everyone at Bob Evans...yum!  

Headed home with a stop to a see Jess, we met her at Finney's for ice cream and spent a few moments with her.

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