Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adoption Time

Two and 1/2 years a go we said yes to fostering a sibling group of 3.  It has been by far one of the toughest cases we have taken on.  It has made us dig deep, changed us in big ways, challenged us, blessed our socks off, and somewhere along the way....we feel in love with them!

This past Monday, they became an official --in a legal sense --a part of our family.  They have been a part of our family in our hearts for much, much longer.

We gathered together with friends, family, CASA workers, our DCYF worker, our Luthern Service worker--a crowd to be reckoned with numbering over 50 at the court house in Concord.  You could feel the excitement in the air.  The adopted kids were given a balloon by their worker which became a valuable tool as they raced among all the folks that were a part of their life.  We were ushered in to the court room, filled it to the brim.

The judge did an absolute wonderful job of making it official.  Each kid got to pound the gavel to make it official!  You could hear Harmony giggle up the stairs to sit with the judge but we could only see her balloon bouncing up and down as she walked up the stairs.  Joe loved sitting in the judges seat and Devon brought much mischief as he raced down the steps afterward and tangled his balloon with Harmony's wrapping a court worker with it!  They even served cupcakes to the kids attending and I think there were enough for most of the kids!  It was fun.

We then headed to Kimball farm for ice cream, the petting zoo and the sand pile (a favorite among the kids). The grown ups chatted, checked out the beautiful flowers in the green house till late in the folks started to leave, we  invited those that were left to join us for dinner.  We took home tired, sandy kids after special day.

We welcome Joseph Aden, Rebecca Harmony and Devon Jackson to our family!
All of us in the judges seat.

Devon checking out the icing in his cupcake.

The judge with Harmony and Joe.

The sand pile at the!

Devon in truck, sand happiness!

I snapped this picture in my happy place- the garden she's.

Barefoot Harmony at the sand pile.

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