Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Family Fun Day!

We were blessed to be able to take part in a foster/adoption day at Canobie Lake Park last Sunday.  We were given a great deal on an entrance fee because we have foster and adopted.  It was a luxury that we wouldn't normally have done.

We split up...the older kids going with their big sisters to ride the crazy rides.  We wore our bright orange Disney shirts so we could easily spot one another.  We had our usual share of complements on how easy it was to spot them and what a great idea they were--thanks Aunt Suzy!  Darrell and I took the younger kids.  We all had a wonderful time.

After lunch/snack time, we all joined together to ride the carousel and Ferris wheel together.  That was a special treat to this mom's heart!  I love the rare time when we are all together as a family enjoying something together.  It was such a great joy!  Even Jess said she would have never thought to ride the Ferris wheel because it wasn't a wild and crazy ride but she enjoyed it immensely.

We then split up...the big kids hitting a few rides they hadn't had a chance to while we took the younger kids to the water park area.  That was new and so clean and well managed.  The water was rather chilly but the kids had a blast.

We left the park around 5:30 to head to our favorite spot, the Cracker Barrell too have supper together before heading home.  We were very grateful for the opportunity  given to us by the great folks at Canobie Lake Park and the DCYF workers who organized it for us!

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