Tuesday, June 10, 2014

50 Years

This past Sunday afternoon, we celebrated my parents 50th Anniversary with family and friends!  It was a day of seeing many folks that we had not touched base with for a very long time. We reconnected as we celebrated together.

We were able to start the morning off with them by joining them at church (after running errands and doing last minute set up). This church has a lot of family history...my dad grew up in it, my mom's dad was a pastor there...my parents were married there and so were my sister and I. So, that was a treat...Aunts, Cousins, my Sunday School teacher from when I was in 2nd grade, choir members that I have know since I was a kid were there too.

We then went over to the church hall where my sister, her husband and her son were keeping the food part going --very well I might add. We fellowshipped, played a newlywed game with my folks, reminisced and ate lots of food and dessert.  

One woman who I have know my entire life reminded me of several events that happened before we made the move to. NH.  She then stated she would never be the same knowing our family.  That was a very humbling statement.

A cool fact about the day...one of their bridesmaids was in attendance...my Aint Carol Bennett and their flower girl, my cousin, Suejean Bowles was there.

So...here are some if our pictures....

Aunt Suzy taking some pictures...

The cake celebrating the occasion.

Dad and Mom playing a version of the newlywed game.

Dan and Caris "hosted" the game...above are the 50 facts about my folks in numbers. That was fun to put together!

All the grandkids lined up in the stairs at John Boggs Hall.

Carolyn, my sister, my dad and I chatting.

The whole Fitzgerald Clan...aren't we something to behold??

A beautiful picture board my sister created...she did a beautiful job!

Dan did all the cooking that morning, it was pretty awesome. Here Darrell is giving him a hand serving.

Here, everyone pitched in to clean up ...my cousin Jackies son, Jeffery with my nephew Mitchell and our Harmony.

Some of the numbers for the 50 facts about my folks.

My mom and dad chatting with Marjorie Reeves.

Caris entertained some folks with her piano playing.

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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