Tuesday, April 29, 2014

That Low Place

There are times in our lives when each moment is difficult...we look to The Lord during these times for our strength to make it through the moments.  We dig down deep to find the joy in the deep places of ourselves-down past the hardships, the sadness for what we have lost and still it comes...the perfect peace, the ability to pick each other up in the mire and challenge and cheer each other to go on.  Questioning why we are here and wondering if we choose to go on...charging through hard, making tough decisions, walking the balancing act, asking for help...hard...it can be hard.

Sometimes, we rush into change and sometimes we don't understand why we have to drastically alter our course but we do it anyway with great fear asking for God to chart our future... The one who sees our future where these things will be past, we will be refined by His fire,and God will be glorified for holding us up and wrapping his loving arms around us.



crying out to The Lord

for answers to difficult questions....

What seemed for so long ---deafening silence to our pleas...the flood gates of answered prayers.  A place to start the healing...a safe place....

Are we strong enough? Ann Voscap says you've got to look for the glory and hunt for the grace and seize the beauty in ugly and laugh brave and defiant in the dark and you can lose everything but nothing can steal Jesus and He is enough and you have to live....you have to live...live with an outstretched hand reaching towards the Savior and live the life He has put before you.

He says he has already equipped us for what we are walking through...again digging deep to find it in ourselves.  God meeting us where we are...on our knees before His throne.  Our strength giving us the courage to go on...the courage to take the next step despite the not knowing....the courage and trusting and surrender of self...knowing we will find healing for our children, ourselves and our family.

Lord, we are yours....trusting you, walking with you, loving you...every step if the way.

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