Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Jason

Today our Jason turned 14 years old. We did our usual celebrating and then headed off to a ChaD Battle of Badges...police and fire offices faced off in an exciting game. Oma and Aunt Suzy joined us so we sat in the police side since Suzy is a State Trooper. ..
.they won 5-4 in an exciting game that also raised over $200,000 for the children's hospital.


  1. Fun! Happy Birthday Jason! Love the Winslow Gang!

  2. All day long, I was trying to get the chance to dig up an old pic of Jason and H together to post to IG, but it just wasn't in the cards! Anyway, happy birthday to him. He's becoming a fine, godly young man and we are all so proud to know him. Can't wait to see him continue to grow on his way to 15 and beyond!