Monday, February 10, 2014

When hearts are Hurting

Over the years as we have fostered kids who have walked through hard times in their lives, we have had to stick by them through some difficult times!  We've had littles ones who have suffered greatly by those who claim to love them, teenagers who are trying to find their way in a dis functional family, and those who have needed our family for a few days or some-for a life time.

These past few weeks have been difficult ones as one trigger after another has started our children on a roll of disregulation.  One child's memories have set off some of the others creating a snowball effect in our home. There have been difficult days and hours where we have had to come beside the ones rolling out of control as well as the ones they are effecting by their behaviors....despite our trials ...we have tried to find the lessons in these past two weeks and have looked to The Lord for answers.  As he promised, he has met us in our trials, we have learned some hard lessons of our hearts conditions as he refines us in the fire.

An amazing thing to watch is the forgiveness that has been given over and over by our precious 13 year old son.  Our son has walked through many things and has had some difficult times processing what happened to him early in his life. One of the first lessons we start teaching all kids who come here is about forgiveness and thankfully it is one he has learned well. As he was the target for one of his siblings, he has humbled himself over and over again. Even when reduced to tears over the events of the day, he has continued to offer forgiveness. As we look to the lessons to be learned, we are so thankful for his willingness to love his sibling through this difficult time!  We are grateful for his loving example.

As we begin to flush out the whys and what- fors and start building that illusive thing called trust...we will work past this difficult time knowing that we will have somehow all have grown through it. The fire has been hot but the hope lies in the gifts of refinement and rebuilding.

We recently studied thanksgiving and how we should give thanks in all things and have offered prayers of thanksgiving as our home has struggled. We have felt gratitude in dad's willingness to come along side us on a work day to help circle the wagons. We pray this soon will pass and are grateful that The Lord has kept us strog for this race and picked us up when we have stumbled. 

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  1. You guys are doing so great. I know those difficult days, weeks ... years! personally. But God is at the center of your lives and that is what makes your family a success, regardless of how things look in a single moment. I love you and pray for you. Hope the coming weeks are better.