Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ellie is on her way!

Just a few short weeks ago we lost our beloved shepherd of 10+ years. She was very sick. We grieved.

We didn't want another dog but watched our younger kids tumble everyday about another loss in their life.  Darrell gave me the go ahead to just see what kind of rescues were listed knowing we didn't want a puppy. We are shepherd lovers so that is where I started. After several days of searching, I stumbled on this sweet face. The rescue wrote more than the average comments on this sweet girl ...we knew she was ours!

We called the rescue and were told this kind of a dog is a rare gem and she was special! We did the paperwork, gave references and were called to tell us we passed al the tests...the catch? She was in Arkansas and we are in NH.

So yesterday, our sweet Ellie was loaded up in Little Rock to start the long journey to home. We were assured the transport company was the best. We will pick her up in Kittery tomorrow at noon and wisk her off to quarentine for 48 hours where she will be checked by our wonderful vet and his wife...we are excitedly waiting for Tuesday!


  1. Congratulations. I think this is wonderful for you guys and for sweet Ellie!