Thursday, October 10, 2013

Simple Treasures

We all love gifts, surprises, magical moments of the special times in our lives. Some gifts are wrapped up in pretty packages or as Maria in the Sound of Music sings...packages tied up in strings! I am sure we can remember a time in our childhood when we received the exact special something we were dreaming of or the special surprise we just weren't expecting.

Then there are those of us who love to give special gifts...mine are usually around my family...seeing just the right thing that makes their eyes dance or grow misty as they receive it. There is as much for the giver as there is for the receiver in these instances...

And then there are the gifts that The Lord gives know the ones...sometimes we over look them in our busy life, or we choose to take them in stride and don't recognize them as actual gifts. Some times our expectations tell us we deserve them. These gifts have become common place when in fact they were made for us to see on a difficult days as a reminder that He is still is control of the circumstances that seem to be spiraling out of control.  They could also be on a joyful day to add more to the celebration! How exciting is that?

I am reading 1000 gift and it has breathed new life into my daily journey of diapers, schoolwork and keeping my home...all things that if kept in perspective are already a daily opportunity to serve those I love! Just this morning, as I headed out to the barn at 5 am to clean stalls I was treated to a seriously breathtaking night is after all still very dark here in New Hampshire at that hour of the morning. It was just beautiful and I have caught myself thinking of it several times in awe...I wanted to go wake everyone up and show them but I knew it was meant just for me at that moment as a gift! I have come to look at the little things differently and am starting to look for these things with great expectations...excitedly looking for them in my day...during the good and hard times.

Some of the gifts of the past week have included: children laughing, the fresh smell of lavender (my favorite), exciting discoveries of a very large skunk on the porch, a note from a friend, and spending time today with a new friend.  I am looking forward to what I discover next...these treasures waiting to be found!

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  1. Well said Louisa! Such a blessing to remember the little things. Things that God does so that NO man can take credit for it! I just love it!
    Love you guys!