Saturday, October 12, 2013

Matters of the Heart

It has been a tradition in our family to present each of our children with a special night out when they turn age when they typically start putting away childish things.  In the past this included an evening out with dad for our older girls where he presented them with a "true love waits" ring.  When our girls went it was a part of a study on purity and discussing things in their future as to what The Lord was putting on their hearts. They committed to wait for their special someone when The Lord brought them into their lives.  This is an exciting time for us as parents to come along side them to encourage and support them.

We continued this tradition with our newest 13 year old who happens to be
our oldest son just this past week.  This time mom and dad went. We took him to one of new favorite places...the Bavarian Restaurant. It is a quaint German restaurant right here in NH where the food is every bit the delicious German food we enjoyed while living there.  It was special to Jason too as he was able to spend time last summer in Germany with Darrell and his 2 older sisters, Michaela and Jessica.  We had wonderful discussions about what he felt The Lord calling him too in the future and how he might start preparing for those things now.  We talked about those things and what that might look like with a wife and family some day.  It was so encouraging to hear our sons thoughts and to take the time to hear his dreams for the future.  He has really put some thought into things and was able to answer some tough questions...God is preparing his heart.

Excited to have a front row seat looking forward to what The Lord will do in his life!

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