Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend was all too short but a special gift! Everything we had 'scheduled' fell through for a variety of reasons and we found ourselves planted at home. We like being at home and shared some special moments together.

Jess took Michael out for ice cream and let him order a large! It was 5 scoops of ice cream on a waffle cone...He tried to finish but brought some home anyway. There were lots of smiles and giggles together!

Mom worked on changing out the seasonal clothes....there is still a mountain of summer things to weed through but the kiddos have what they need for now. Only a few needs for the youngest and oldest of boys and it's minimal...what a blessing!

The kids relished their time with their big I enjoyed their giggles as they sat on her bed winding yarn into balls for her to knit in the next week...many hands make light he work. She also took all 7 of the, and the dog for a hike...Darrell and I were given the gift of a quiet house....I took a short rest and them started dinner while Darrell matched of. Y least favorite jobs! We them scooted,to the grocery store to grab a few items for the family dinner with dessert....yum.  good food and family ...what a treat.

We also enjoyed some horse time before the realization that our fences needing mending which Darrell and Jason were quick to fix. We finished our evening sharing some popcorn after showers and watching a sing along together....

It is the simple joys in life that seem to bring so much pleasure ...unexpected gifts!

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