Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last days of Summer

It's Labor Day weekend and we are winding down our summer in anticipation of school and fall activities starting up.  It is a happy sad time ...ending the carefree days of summer and looking towards our full days of school and activities. I've looked at the weeks ahead...they are chock full of meetings, activities, school work and field trips...

But for today, we are enjoying the last days of swimming in the pool, days with a less active agenda with liberal time to play outside, lay in the hammock, work in the gardens and many relaxed hours with family!

Kiara on her birthday with her new bracelet!

Our last day in the pool before closing:(

Glenn and Mary W in front of the bug as we ended our morning escapades right before they walked up the hill to their surprise party--they had NO clue what was around the bend for them!

One of the huge worms from our flower beds that we found...told you these pictures were random!

Our crew with some of the Winslows at the park after meeting at the Bubble in Wolfboro for ice cream.

Our bug lover showing me his latest catch! 

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