Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Legos ....finally organized!

The Lego monster at our home has been uncontrollable for a long time. We have tried many different ideas but think we finally hit on one that is organized and easy to use. I think the monster has finally been tamed!

When my boys built before the would say don't you just love it! I would say tell me about it. There is a reason....I am a color person and it looked like a big blob to me because it was made of so many crazy colored bricks...not to say I couldn't appreciate their work but under the new system they are loving it and I can actually 'see' their creations. Our son, Michael, said, "mom the colors are so beautiful!" I agree!

After a few days of building the kids are all saying it so easy to find exactly what they are looking for and are we are not having dumped bins all over the room---that was what happened in the past as they searched for the right piece in the deep bins. I am loving it! We even have a bin designated for their creations that are in progress so it can also be tucked away for later.
We have a separate color in each bin!

This stores individual legos and the top one is assessories and people.

This is playmobil in the top two bins --they love to play with it along with Legos.  The bottom bin is Lincoln logs.

The whole set up next to each other.

The table is for building but must be cleared when they are finished.

A picture of the red bin...my favorite color!


  1. This is wonderful. H insists on organizing ours, but no one understands his method! He gets very upset when the other kids mess up. With two that are colorblind, the don't like sorting by color, but that was my first instinct! I was outvoted. Ha. So congratulations on finding a solution that works. :-). Looks great!

  2. Thanks...love having the room neat and I dislike walking over hard little plastic pieces! Wish you well on figuring out your system...I get the colorblind issue but it would work for everyone else!

  3. Nice Louisa! That is perfect! I love it! I know you all have been working on it for awhile! Great job everyone!