Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Brandon

Today we celebrated our little man's birthday ...but realizing he isn't so little any more. Brandon hit double digits today!

We went shopping for some para cord together this morning. He loved morning outing together...he was dancing in the isles while we shopped!

Tonight we had a wonderful treat to have our whole family together to celebrate his birthday ...Brandon picked breakfast night ...yum! We had eggs, berries, sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, grapes, cantaloupe and sour dough toast. We followed it by cheesecake...mmmm.

We also had a hat contest (thank you Winslows for the idea)....Brandon judged the contest and gave out prizes.  He had so much fun! We laughed a lot...a good thing!


  1. Oh..that's awesome you guys! Happy Double Digits Birthday to you Brandon! Jon is soooooo excited that you have joined him in the double digits! That's awesome! Great hat contest, too! Sweet pictures with joy abounding in them! We love you guys and miss you, too!
    The Winslows!
    See you Sunday hopefully! Lord willing! Mr. W. is doing the message on: "The gift of forgiveness!"

  2. Brandon, you're not allowed to get so old! But happy birthday anyway. :-) Looks like you had a great time and I love breakfast for dinner. Way to go! Glad you all were there together to celebrate.

  3. Thanks for your birthday wishes! Love Brandon:)