Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Weekends

Most folks find June to be a busy month with many beginnings for the summer but endings of school and activities!

Our last few weekends have been busy with graduation parties, visitors, and other events. This pas weekend we went to a baptism of a wonderful young man. His dad and Darrell have become fast friends and have gotten to know one another through Alert Cadet. It has been fun to get to know their family through activities like Saturday afternoon we went to Merrimack to see Andrew baptized. Afterwards we joined their family and extended family at their place to celebrate with lots if wonderful food, games, chatting, and a great time. Pictures below....

We then left early to get home just minutes before Darrell's mom and sister arrived from Delaware for the night.

The next morning was Father's Day where we went out to breakfast before sending them on their way. We then headed home to prepare for my sister and daughter and my parents to join us. We met at the 99 for dinner! What a treat that was because my folks were there but so were Michaela and Jessica! It was a good thing!

Happy Fathers Day Darrell!

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