Friday, June 21, 2013

Adventures With Our Visitors

My parents, sister and her daughter came for a visit this past week. We spent time catching up, playing with the kids and had a few adventures along the way.

My kiddos had horseback riding on Tuesday. Caris was excited to join them and did very well. She later announces to her mom that she wanted a horse! I tried to change her mind by dragging her out to the barn at 5 am to muck  stalls but she loved that...I think my sister is in trouble on that front!

We took a day trip to Fort Foster in Maine. It was an absolutely beautiful gorgeous day! We picnicked by the water, played at the play ground and in the surf.  My sister, Carolyn took the older kids out to look for treasures and found lots of them like crabs, sand dollars, razor clams and lots of plant life. I kept the younger ones and we found crabs, a shrimp that swam in our bucket for a bit, snails and many shells. My folks enjoyed watching the grand kids play together and relaxed a bit taking in the beautiful boats and light houses. The day was a gift.

That same evening, our last together, we all had dinner together and were joined by Michaela. We celebrated early for Darrell's birthday....mmmm...Aunt Carolyn splurged ad bought an ice cream cake for all of us to enjoy too.

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