Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stop Circling the Mountain and Head North!

In so many areas of our lives we do the same thing over and over and some how expect a change...lots of us have been around the mountain again and again and have come away disappointed, frustrated and not knowing what to do next.  I have been in a Bible Study with my dear friend Mary.  The study, Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkeurst,  addressed this very thing with a quote from Ruth Graham.....

"Either we can be victimized and become victims, or we can be victimized and rise above it.  Often it is easier to play the victim than take off our masks and ask for help.  We get comfortable with our victim status.  It becomes our idenity and is hard to give up.  The Israelites often played the victim card, and I love what God finally tells them, "You have circled this mountain long enough.  Now turn north. (Deutermonomy 2:3)

Turn North?  It is time to move on!  Self-pity, fear, pride and negativity paralyze us.  Taking off our masks takes courage, but if we don't do it, we will remain in our victim status and end up stunted."

This visual of going around the mountain really helped me get a handle on some of the struggles I was having reaching my goal in weight loss.  But as I thought about this...I was able to apply it to so many other things where I felt I was circling the mountain.  I now look for the opportunity to turn north and God is showing the way!  It is so good to be under his lead rather than worrying what other people are thinking or judging or what ever.  He has promised if we acknowledge Him in all we do, He will make our paths straight!  That is a beautiful promise in the Word of God.

But, back to the reason I am writing about this mind helped me look for another way to get to my goal and I turned north and found a new path.  This past week after yo-yoing for months, I finally met my goal for Weight Watchers.  It was a good feeling to accomplish this and so many times I was frustrated and going no where fast on 'the plan'.  I actually stumbled on a different plan that a dear friend suggested and it has worked in helping me cross the finish line!  What an exciting thing and the best part of the whole deal??

My hubby is now on board with the new plan-THM (Trim Healthy Mama).  He keeps asking, am I suppose to eat this is really good too! By planning his meals and eating together, we have kept each other accountable and enjoyed the great desserts on the new plan!  He has lost 14 pounds in a month and 1/2.  At a recent doctor's appointment, his blood pressure was doing so well on the new plan that his doctor cut his medicine in1/2 and is monitoring it to cut more if need be--very soon!  He is so excited about what he eats and the great results!  The doctor was so excited that his numbers for blood pressure and cholesterol were where they were suppose to be he took the name and authors of the book to share with his patients!

So God had me on a journey...a weight loss one where I lost 55 pounds!  After circling the mountain and turning North...I found a new healthier path and am finished at this goal BUT he has challenged me to not stop here.  I have a new goal and I can't wait to see where he has me going next!  The best part...I am not doing it alone.


  1. Awesome Louisa! Just wonderful! Love the post! VERY insightful!

  2. Congratulations!! Wonderful news. Great post. :-)

  3. Our message at church today had me reflecting again on this thoughtful post of yours. I wanted to share a passage from Jeremiah 6 that was shared and I found inspiring...

    "The Lord tells the people of Judah, 'Stand where the roads cross, and look around. Ask where the old paths are. Ask for the good path, and walk on it. Then your hearts will find rest in me.' "

    I think that "going North" when nothing is changing by doing the same thing again and again is extremely valid, but it's also important to continue reflecting on the old paths, too, to remember what worked in the past so we can use our experiences (or the experiences of others who have been down this road) to help influence our movements in the present and going forward.

    Part of this time of reflection on ancient paths will redirect us and enable us to go North, but not every step in circling the mountain was in vain. Certainly there were moments worth ceasing and reapplying even if repeating the entire journey is a waste of time.

    Hopefully, I'm making some sense here ... just realized how tired I am from the day, but had to share with you that I keep thinking about what you wrote and how it applies to my life. :)

  4. You are totally right...the things we have experienced do influence our decisions but my point in my weight loss journey was with ww I learned a whole way I eating but it wasn't exactly what I needed to finish the journey. I came a long way and tried giving up sugar , carbs. , exercising more and none of it was working. I found a new plan that gave me great desserts, showed me how to separate carbs and fats and the weight came off...I didn't have the training or experiences to do that...turning north and trying the new plan fit those things and gave me a plan to use for a life time!

    As for other areas in my life ...I love the scripture you used. This is where we have to have a discerning spirit to see where The Lord directs us...sometimes we just have to just quit what we are doing and turn north to a new plan. Other times we just have to be like a ship using a navigation chart...just make a few minor changes in the degree of travel and we end up in a whole new place!

    Thanks for sharing your insight was so cool that you had a teaching on that very thing this week!

    Looking forward to seeing you next month!
    Love Louisa:)