Monday, May 6, 2013

The Mississippi Redneck

Jason's former foster parents, Ken and Maryann, travel in their very large trailer each winter all over the south.  They have many adventures and often share them with folks...we are so very fortunate to get pictures and stories of their adventures.  The kids love it and so do I.
This morning we woke up to their most recent post and I asked if we could share it here and they are now blessed to read of their most recent adventure...and yes, it is an adventure!
I love stories like this because it is a reminder of the folks that are still out there in makes us all so unique and despite all the troubles in our country their are good things and people still here helping us to remember what makes us who we are in America!  I love this and just wanted you to know about the Mississippi Redneck who you might just come across one of these days when you are on an adventure of your own!
As we travel we are constantly looking through pamphlets, internet and travel catalogs for interesting places to visit. But every once in a while we run into people and sights that can not be planned.
On the Natchez Trace National Park highway we hit pay dirt. The road is a national scenic highway. It’s 450 miles long, 50 MPH limit, no stop signs, no traffic lights, no trucks, very few exits and three free campsites. It runs from Natchez Mississippi, north thru Alabama and ends in Nashville Tennessee. We met a bicyclist, Kelly, who’s only possessions are his bicycle and a pet cat. He carries the cat in a cage on his bike. He has no home and just travels around the country on his bike. He has been traveling for about 7 years. Before becoming a full time bicyclist he hiked by foot and once spent 4 months kayaking from New Orleans to Provincetown Ma. We talked for hours and invited him to our RV for lunch. He has been to almost every place we have visited. A very interesting person.
We met another bicyclist, Randy, from Minnesota. He is married with two grown daughters, recently retired, and decided to pedal to New Orleans. He occasionally stops at restaurants and motels but spends most of the time on the road camping. He will take a train back to Minnesota.
Then we met Robert E Lee Voyles, the Mississippi Redneck. He was born in Maine, was a cross country truck driver until he had medical issues in his 50’s. He now lives in Mississippi. He has suffered a stroke, partially blind in one eye, has a pacemaker and two years ago a friend accidently ran over his leg with a car. The surgeon wanted to amputate but Robert said no. He had surgery and they repaired his leg as best as possible. It is 4 inches shorter than his good leg and was told he would never walk again without crutches. Until 4 weeks ago he spent most of his time in a wheelchair. He is one of the nicest people we have ever met. Below are some photos of his homemade RV
He said it takes about 1.5 hours to get gas – everybody wants to talk about the RV. He never stays at a “pay” campground and whenever he parks at a Wal-Mart he attracts dozens of cars and people.
Maryann and Ken
His modified 1985 Buick station wagon pulling his modified trailer.
His car is legal and passes inspection. He cut a hole in the rear door for more storage area.
A front view of his “car”. No hood, one of his 3 generators is mounted in the front.
The big tank on top is filled with water, with a hose running down to the outside of his radiator.
 When his car starts to overheat, he opens a valve and which allows water to drip onto his radiator and helps cool it down.
Another front view from the passenger side. Below the front storage carrier is a electric wench. He is prepared for everything.
The box like item attached to the front door is a 110 volt room air conditioner.
Here is the air conditioner on the inside of the door.
He sleeps inside the car when its hot. Three fans and the air conditioner to keep him cool.
He has “stuff” everywhere.
His trailer, with a sheet hanging over the doorway. It helps to keep the inside a little cooler on hot days.
His kitchen is attached to the side.
Ken and Robert.
Maryann is inspecting two horse shoes “brackets” welded to uprights.
He has no pets, the pet carrier on top is used to carry his milk gallon water jugs.
Maryann with the Mississippi Redneck. When she first met him she said “you are an artist”
He has numerous tool boxes and mail boxes for storage. The black unit in back is a large battery charger
A rear view of the trailer.
He has no bathroom or sewage tank in his trailer so he took a metal folding chair and toilet seat to build his bathroom.
He has a large poncho which he wears when he has to go when other people are in view.
I did not take a picture of the inside of his trailer because it reminded me of a “find Waldo” picture. I don’t know how he finds anything.

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