Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cape Cod

Our boys had been at the Cape for 3 days of rain, work and play when we got to join them. Jess, Kiara, and the 3 littles rode down with the Winslow family and Martha. They told many funny stories of their trip, did drill downs for us and gave out awards. It was so much fun to meet the other families, walk in the beautiful beach and look for crabs, snails and mussels. After a hearty lunch the boys all headed out to clean while we played on the porch and then went into the music room and listen to Maddie Winslow and 2 other girls play violin, mandolin and piano. They were eventually joined by singers as Miss Genie gave out books to sing along with the music. We later headed home with a traditional stop at Cracker Barrell where they saw the Alert shirts and asked if we know the Duggars! Apparently they had just aired a segment on their show about one of the boys going to Alert.

It was a long beautiful day!

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