Monday, April 15, 2013

Jess's Adventure

Jess headed out early for her weekly trip to MA to go to 430 she called to say she was in an accident! She is okay but someone was traveling fast and hit a whole line of cars. I called Darrell and jumped into the car with the 7 kids at home with me and starting to drive to Peterborough. Many phone calls later we found she was in Keene not Peterborough.

We end up meeting at the Dublin fire station with the tow truck...Darrell met us there too. We transferred her things to Darrell's car and sent her on her way. We followed way behind the tow truck, stopped at a drive thru for dinner and continued to our auto body shop...yes we do have one and have used it a lot! We cleaned her car out among the broken glass and dents and headed home...praising The Lord that Jess is ok but thinking it is the end of the line for her work car.

But onto the fire station in Dublin...while waiting for Jess...we noticed a sign in the parking lot...Yankee publishing finds its home in Dublin! We were sitting in the adjacent parking lot...home to Yankee magazine and the original Farmers Almanac! We were very excited by our find and took a picture of the sign!

We just got home and Darrell's sister, Suzy contacted the police department to talk with the officer who responded to the call (she is a state trooper) and he said she is lucky to be alive....someone was taking care of her. Praise be to God!! We know who that someone was and are thanking him tonight with grateful hearts.

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  1. Wow! Praising the Lord with you that Jessica is safe and sound. Wonderful news amidst the "storm."